is a Belgian production and distribution platform that supports audiovisual artists developing transversal practices. We work on the crossroads of cinema, performance, theatre, dance and visual arts. Experimental films, video installations, hybrid audiovisual works are our main focus, but we are open to all kinds of interesting transversal experiments. Beside our collaborations with artists, we also specialize in the creation of video content for the (socio)cultural sector to promote events and/or projects. Read more below



Looking for a Home... in Regensburg !


Looking for a Home is selected for the program Poetry in Motion at Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg - check here

New project : Still a bird


Check out Rebecca Lenaerts' new project Still a bird

Looking for a Home... at Breedbeeldkortfilmfestival


Looking for a Home is selected for BREEDBEELD kortfilmfestival - screening on 9/11, check here



Rhizome is a philosophical term used by Deleuze and Guattari, but originally stems from botany. The rhizome is an underground root formation that helps young roots to grow upwards. The rhizome explores new paths, across fixed lines and boundaries. There is no beginning, no end, no hierarchy, just movement.

rhizom-art is looking for new ways to connect through content.


What drives us is audiovisual content that connects with social issues, cultural and technological evolutions in new ways

Our passion? The creative dialogue and synergy that cements the process of creation, production and communication.


Bio Céline Pourveur

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Sciences in 2005, with a specialization in video installation, at the University of Maastricht (NL), I studied Film at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (BE). I got my Bachelor’s degree and completed my education with a Master’s degree at KASK – School of Arts (BE) in 2009. I went on to work seven years in the film and television industry, as a 2nd Assistant Director and from 2014 on, as the Production Assistant for the Belgian production company Savage Film. All this assignments taught me a lot about the production process. After a few years, I redirected my attention to transversal art practices and started rhizom-art in 2018. I also worked for a year for the socio-cultural sector as a Communications Officer. All these experiences cemented the philosophy behind rhizom-art and the services we provide to support artists in their creative endeavours.

You are an artist with a project in development?

Our goal is to invest in the careers of artists through long or short term collaborations. We look at the current project as a stepping stone in the ongoing artistic development of the artist. We focus on artists, starting out in the professional field, having already created some art works after graduation and in the process of developing a personal style and vision. At this stage, we want to start a sustainable dialogue and collaboration, focused on creation, production and communication. 

Content Facilitator

What we do:

• Propose an in-depth reflection on the artistic intentions and needs of the project through content mirroring sessions.

• Redact and/or co-write scripts, project descriptions, artistic intentions
(f.e. in the context of subsidy dossiers, (post-) production purposes, presentations, networking, ...)

• Help to achieve production objectives through content, dialogue, strategy and planning

• Conceptualize and support the promotion and/or distribution strategy

Production Management

Like it or not, production will always be a part of the creative process. We want to help you shape it, from concept development to distribution. Our goal is to design a production strategy and planning that is coherent with the artistic process. We provide tailor-made production support, depending on the needs of the project, the artist and the budgetary reality. We emphasize on shared responsibility: the artist takes on specific responsibilities in the production framework that we design together. To this end, a toolkit is also developed. For certain skills or tasks in the production process, we collaborate with freelancers.

You are an artist with a finished project?

Distribution and Promotion

How to connect to your audience? Be it 10 or 10.000 people. We develop and implement a strategy to start a meaningful dialogue with an audience through distribution and promotion of your experimental film, video installation, performance or hybrid audiovisual work.

You are an organization in search of video content?

Video Content Creation

We conceptualize, develop and produce video content destined for communication and promotion. We specialize in videos for the (socio)cultural sector to promote your event and/or project. We explore the most efficient way to get your message across, intrinsically linked with your core company and/or personal values. 

Look here for our most recent realization

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